Program Overview

The Parkwest Riding Academy consist of a series of steps that provide framework for progressive learning of a horse and handler.  The Advancement Programs aid students to movae at their own speed by encouraging self-learning tha tis based on their interests and abilities.  Each level is self-paced, and age & skill-level approrpiate.  The Levels can also be a tremendous help to members as they set their goals year after year.

Benefits of the Advancement Program

Moving through the multiple levels of advancement:

¨ Makes Learning More Interesting

¨ Assists students in setting and achieving goals

¨ Encourage Self-Paced Learning

¨ Help Members Learn More about their Horses

¨ Encourage Age-Appropriate Building of Skill Level

¨ Provide New, Enjoyable Experiences

¨ Help Prepare Members for Participation in Horse Activities and Events

¨ Provide Recognition for Work Well Done

¨ Provide Incentive to Students to Continue to Advance

Life Skills Development

Participation in the Parkwest Riding Advancement Program is designed to be instrumental in the development of life skills.  Students will not only gain knowledge about horses, they are also developing skills that will be useful in other areas of their life.  Specifically, the Riding Academy Advancement Program are designed to develop life skills in:

¨ Learning to Learn

¨ Making Decisions

¨ Keeping Records

¨ Planning and Organizing

¨ Achieving Goals

¨ Completing a Project

¨ Communicating

¨ Being Responsible

¨ Developing Self-Esteem


About the Advancement Program Steps

The Advancement Levels are written to provide a learning sequence for all students.  Although all students should start with step one, the advancement levels are designated so students may advance as fast as they desire, based on interest, effort, and ability.  Younger students and those participating as an occational hobby may take longer to complete a level than an older more experince student, or one that rides several days a week and competes regualrly.  Students are encouraged to work on one step at a time.  There are, however, times when a student may accomplish an activity in another step before completing the step on which he or she is working.

Riding Academy Program Design

 Parkwest Riding Academy is designed to give all horsemen a solid foundation in horsemanship and horseback riding.  Our beginners work on confidence and comfort while safely working around horses and riding in controlled environments.  By Level 2 or 3, all of our students have an opportunity to expand their riding experiences into different disciplines, more complicated maneuvers or preparation for the show ring.  All lesson programs emphasize building both the knowledge AND skill to becoming a competent horse person, regardless of the discipline they eventually choose to focus on. 


 Students will gain knowledge in the following:

                              ¨ Horse Psychology

¨ Horse Behavior

¨ Safety for Horse & Rider

¨ Proper Horse Care

¨ Grooming

¨ Stall Cleaning & Feeding

¨ Horse Health & Common Ailments

¨ And Much More… 


 And hone skills in the following:

                              ¨ Communicating with and Leading Horses on the Ground

¨ A Balanced Seat

¨ Proper Posture

¨ Understanding the use of Legs, Seat, Voice, and Rein

¨ Negotiating Obstacles

¨ And Much More... 

Enrollment in Parkwest Riding Academy includes . . .

 Þ Certification at multiple levels of Equine Knowledge and Riding/Training

Þ Personal Goal Setting to work towards your individual Success, including a quarterly review of your progress.

Þ Three Private/Semi Private Lessons per Month

Þ One Group Lesson per Month – in desired specialty

Þ Weekly Knowledge Activities, including material to reference and take home application activities.

Þ Open Ride Time 2 times per month

Þ Parents Night Out!  Drop you kids off for 3 hours one evening per month for fun horse activities!

Þ Family Knowledge Night ~ Come join the Parkwest community for a night of information on equine science, care, grooming, etc.  Activities will be available for the younger members of the family.

Þ Discounted enrollment into Camps (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter)

Þ Discounted enrollment in Clinics ~ Scheduled throughout the year.

Þ Open Ranch Days, including the use of our lesson horses for Play Days, at no extra cost

Þ Build a Resource Network ~ As part of the Parkwest Riding Academy, you will meet and build relationships with equine resources in all area. 

Þ Field Trips to Equine Activities, as scheduled


Parkwest Riding Academy Courses . . .

Level 1 Course

Our Level 1 Course is designed to get your comfortable with horses and gain the basics of a solid foundation of Horsemanship, including grooming, balanced riding, controlling the horse independently, and so much more...


Level 2 Course

In our Level 2 Course, students are now expected to be able to groom and tack up on their own (to the best of their abilities, such as height), and ride independently.  Their level of horsemanship now truly grows as they will learn anatomy, parts of tack, and much more...


Level 3 Course

The Level 3 Course is designed for the truly dedicated rider. By now, you have dedicate countless hours to learning about not just one, but MANY disciplines of riding, breeds and colors of horses, and ways to exercise and care for your horse. Little did you know there was still MORE to learn!


Level 4 Course

In our highest level course available, students prepare to graduate from our program. With the high standards of Parkwest Riding Academy, we only send our students off with all the knowledge a horse person should have before heading off to show, compete, lease or own a horse, or for some of you, one day embark on the path towards becoming an equine professional.


Never Too Young or Too Old To Start

Parkwest Academy has students as young as 3 years old, and beginning riders well into their retirement!  Lessons are adjsuted to the age, attention and desired results for each student!


Parkwest Academy Disciplines

 Parkwest Riding Academy can meet your specific needs when it comes to working with your horse.  Whether you desire to show at a national level, to negotiating obstacles on the trail, to just wanting to come and enjoy some time with horses and others with the same passion, Parkwest Riding Academy can assist you in success.  Academy activities include the following disciplines:

Training  From halter breaking and ground work to finished performance horses.  Lean how to train your horse from the ground up to meet your pleasure or performance goals.  Instruction for training includes:

                     ~ Handling foals to teach them to lead, be groomed, and pick up feet

                     ~ Trailering and Tieing Training

                     ~ Round Pen, Halter and Longing Training

                     ~ Working the Green to Advanced Horses under saddle, in the cart, or on the ground. 

Western Riding Skills ~ There is a variety of activities that can take place when riding western.  Advanced Riding and Training skills can be focused on

            ~ Western Pleasure

            ~ Western Equitation

            ~ Horsemanship

            ~ Reining


English Riding Skills ~ English riding also has a wide variety of applications.  Focus on balance and riding in harmony, or continue your knowledge across:

                ~ Hunt Seat

                ~ Saddle Seat

                ~ Dressage

                ~ Jumping 


Driving ~ Focused Training on enjoying time with our horses while pulling a cart is available as well, especially works well that enjoy the small equines or those who do not choose to ride anymore.



Gaming ~ from training to competition, all levels can enjoy participating in patterned gaming activities at the speed they are comfortable.


Riding Lesson Fees and Riding Academy Tuition

Riding Lessons Only


7 years & Under Riding Lessons

$30 ~ Payable at each lesson

$108 ~ Pre-Pay for 1 Month

8 years & Over Riding Lessons

$40 ~ Payable at each lesson

$144 ~ Pre-Pay for 1 Month


Riding Academy Tuition


Ages 7 & Under - $150 per month

Ages 8 & Over - $185 per month


¨ Referrals: 10% Discount for referring another student that signs up for the riding academy.  One 10% discount can be used per month for academy tuition.  Additional referral discounts will be applied to future months of tuition as appropriate.

¨ Family Discount: Family discounts apply to additional students from the same household.  A 15% discount will be applied to the second student’s tuition in the riding academy, and 20% discount for the 3rd and additional student’s tuition in the riding academy.

¨ Camps:  Parkwest farm Academy students will receive a 10% discount toward all camps presented by Parkwest Farm. 

¨ Clinics: Parkwest Riding Academy Students will receive a 10% discount on all Clinics presented by Parkwest Farms.

¨ Make Up Lessons need to be scheduled within 2 weeks of the originally scheduled lesson or lesson is forfeited.


Contact Tracy at 360.606.6367 or email [email protected] with any questions